Geek Girl Con After-Action Report


On an unseasonably sultry August afternoon, Talaria Press joined forces with Geek Girl Con to celebrate and support our geek girls and those who love them.

GGC, still a fledgling event, benefits from organizers and volunteers who are highly passionate about their cause. Without exception, the volunteers and representatives of the con we came in contact with were warm, welcoming, and very helpful. All of us were very impressed with how smoothly the convention appeared to be running.

The organizers of GGC are also adamant that their event be a place where any and all are welcome; regardless of gender, sexuality, “geek-cred” (to borrow a phrase from their website), or any other categorization. And make no mistake, geek flags of every strip were proudly flying. Many fans showed up in costume to proclaim their geekdom. From fan-made renditions of Codex (the creation of Guild star and geek-goddess Felicia Day) to gender-bending group costumes (my personal favorite was the all-female Avengers with their male Black Widow), to My Little Pony and anime of all types, there was always an interesting outfit to admire.

The vendor area, too, was a pleasantly eclectic lot with artists selling prints of their work, independent authors hocking their books, clothiers and costumers selling bits of inspiration for your next cosplay. There was even a cosmetics company called Espionage Cosmetics that caters to gamer girls and advertises color lines like “Browncoats”, “FPS” (that’s First Person Shooter for those who don’t know the lingo), and “Comic Book”. They also had a Wookiee on-hand to give out furry hugs!

All-in-all, the con was very relaxed and fun and we had a great time chatting with the folks who came to see us. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video, in four parts!

Geek Girl Con 2012 Panel – Part One

Part One: In which we introduce ourselves, Ren calls us “Laserbrains” and we talk about “thinking outside the box”. Is that still a thing? I’m not sure…

Geek Girl Con 2012 Panel – Part Two

Part Two: In which we discuss priorities, how publishing is changing, and why we chose our stories…. and in which Heather rambles far too much (apologies for that)!

Geek Girl Con 2012 Panel – Part Three

Part Three: In which we start taking questions from the audience, and we discuss Smashwords, marketing, and author contacts.

Geek Girl Con 2012 Panel – Part Four

Part Four: In which we talk about the cool stuff about being an author and wrap up!


Again, we want to thank those who came out to the panel (you were a great group!), Kristina who joined us to show her support and Jenny who helped out enormously by manning the camera.

We also want to give special thanks to the Geek Girl Con staff and volunteers. Without fail, every person we encountered who was affliated with the con was warm, friendly, and did their best to make sure everything we needed was taken care of.

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