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Here at Talaria Press, we love working with companies based out of our beautiful Pacific Northwest because we feel it’s important to support local businesses and services. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that on November 5th, we’ll be teaming up with Hillsboro-based Night Owl Reviews for an author chat.

If you’re unfamiliar with NOR, it’s primarily, a book review site with multiple sections catering to Romance, Teen, Paranormal, Erotica, Science Fiction, Suspense, and Mainstream books. They also offer many options for authors for promotion, both free and for pretty reasonable prices.

At 5pm Pacific time, you can log into their chat room forum and join authors Ren Cummins, Garth Reasby and H.L. Reasby and editor Quiana Kirkland to talk about writing, our books, and what’s coming up for TalP. Additionally, everyone who joins us for the chat will have a chance to win a prize package which includes Reaper’s Return, Awaken, Akhet, and Quests & Answers.

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  1. As an occasional wtrier, I find nonfiction much easier to write than fiction. As a reader [or listener] I find stories more powerful, instructive and persuasive. The stories can be fiction or nonfiction, but story is the major thing for me. I find that creating stories out of whole cloth is difficult, but recasting accounts of actual events into story form is easier. “Story” seems to be the key, more than whether it is fiction or nonfiction. I suppose it is that which makes the plunge into understanding happen for me.

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