Author Web Chat November 5th, 2012

Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

Yes, the rhyme is familiar to anyone who’s read V for Vendetta, or seen the great film adaptation with Hugo Weaving. The story of one man inspiring a revolution against a corrupt, imperialist system resonates powerfully with many.

Perhaps that’s why it’s especially fitting that on Monday, the 5th of November, all four of our Talaria Press founders will be participating in a free, public author’s chat on Night Owl Reviews.

In the last several years, independent publishing has gone from a dirty little secret that ‘serious’ writers poo-poo’d to a full-on, mass of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks revolution, and Talaria Press is proud to be there with the rest. Please join our founding members, Garth (author of the Children of Divinity Series), Heather (Author of the Sekhmet’s Light series), Ren (author of the Chronicles of Aesirium), and Editor-in-Chief Quiana to discuss what’s already been written and what’s on the horizon.

And if the chance to virtually meet and interact with our Founders isn’t enough incentive to log in (did I mention it’s free), there will also be prizes!

The chat starts promptly at 5pm Pacific time on Monday, November 5th, so make sure to mark your calendars!


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