Charmingly Steampunk Jewelry Kickstarter

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding has picked up a great deal of buzz over the past few months, and even our own Steampunk author Ren Cummins stepped in to help a new artist with a neo-Victorian franchise launch. With a little over two weeks left in the project (the project closes on February 9th, 2013), local Seattle artist Joshua Sanchez is proposing to craft a Top Hat and Moustache themed silver charm set. With adorable items ranging from gears to goggles, corsets, clockworks and even the obligatory tentacle, Sanchez established a broad range of pledge levels to assist with funding his project.

Ren offered up his own books as some of the pledge level rewards, with complimentary ebooks and even a full set of the young adult steampunk-themed Chronicles of Aesirium series. The delightfully bold new edition paperbacks are a fine way to compliment one’s bookshelf, even if you don’t tend to meander about in top hat or corsetry.

For more details about the Steampunk Charms and Jewelry by Fine Steam Designs, head over here to Kickstarter and show your support for a new independent artist!

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