Recommended Viewing – Metallica: Through the Never

It may surprise some that I’m a fan of heavy metal, but Metallica has been a part of my consciousness since at least my middle school years… which is far longer than I really care to think about at times! The songs are, by and large, raw, powerful, and surprisingly literary at times, drawing from books like For Whom the Bell Tolls and Johnny Get your Gun. They also frequently deal with difficult subjects like suicide and capital punishment.

When I first saw the trailer for Through the Never, I got really excited. For me, it hearkened back to the cinematic experiments of the 80’s like Thriller and the animated movie Rock N Rule.

Thanks to a contest held on the Experience Music Project Facebook page, Garth and I were fortunate enough to score passes to the advance press screening!

The narrative follows two separate threads; what’s going on during a sold out Metallica  concert, and the travails of a silent protagonist who is sent on a mysterious mission by one of the band’s handlers to retrieve something “they need” for the band. Although he really wants to stay and watch the show, the kid hops in his trusty van with his creepy Master of Puppets marionette hanging from the rear view and off he goes.

Now, one thing you should know about me off-the-bat is that I’m a big fan of a good mind-screw. If a movie can keep me wondering if what I’m seeing is real or just going on in someone’s head, I will walk away happy.

I walked away from this film ecstatic.

Not only did I get many of my favorite Metallica songs (the concert footage provides a really nice cross-section of their music), but they are culled from a concert that proves these guys still put on a show with as much energy as artists half their age! If you’re not sure if you like their music, this could be a good gateway.

The scenes featuring the silent roadie are also intriguing and compellingly filmed.  In the interest of not spoiling anything, I won’t go into further details. Seriously. It’s better if you discover the twists and turns for yourself.

Check out this trailer:

Through the Never Trailer

Then go see it when it hits theaters on September 27th. I highly recommend it!

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