ECCC Schedule, Part 2

I wanted to be on ‘Saturday Night Live’ since I was ten.
-Olivia Wilde

We know that feel, Olivia!

Although it’s safe to say that none of us, at ten years old, was saying “I really want to play a big role in Emerald City ComiCon’s Writer’s Block segment” (mostly because there wasn’t an ECCC way back then, much less a Writer’s Block!), we all dreamed of being able to do something creative.

This is but the next step on our journey to live our dreams, too!

Saturday, March 29

Time Panel Founder(s) Guest(s) Panel Blurb
2pm Writing Fights 101 Garth Reasby
Ellen Beeman (Moderator) & Lorna Suzuki Do you want to write realistic fights? Have you ever wondered how agile plate armor really is? Now’s your chance to find out. Join our experts Lorna Suzuki and Garth Reasby as they help dispel some of the misconceptions about combat and weapons.   



Talaria Press Presents: Write what you Don’t Know – Researching your Book


Ren Cummins & Quiana Kirkland


Ben Thompson


Learn why research is critical in creating convincing stories and how to best utilize research resources from local authors of both non-fiction and novels.   




Writing in the Past


Heather Reasby (Moderator)


Dave Wolverton & Scott James Magner


Whether you want to set your work in the Ancient world or you want to blend the ancient and the modern, writing in the past can be a daunting but enjoyable experience. In this panel, Dave Wolverton and local authors share some insights into how to make exploring the past less intimidating. 




Fairytales & Folklore as Inspiration


Ren Cummins (Moderator)


Cornelia Funke, Kiri Callaghan, & Marie Frances


Join bestselling author Cornelia Funke, Ren Cummins, Kiri Callaghan, and Marie Frances as they discuss why these “tales as old as time” have seen such a significant uptick in popularity, and how you, too, can look to them for inspiration. 


As previously mentioned, immediately following each panel, the panelists and moderators will be adjourning to the signing room next door for signing and meet-and-greet opportunities.

If you can’t make it to ECCC in person (and why wouldn’t you?! It’s an awesome place to be!), you need not miss out on the fun. ECCC has a partnership with to bring out all the programming, as well as live feeds of the show floor. Even better, many of the panels are available for free!

Tomorrow, we’ll share our Sunday schedule!

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