Coming in 2015 – Q1

Welcome to 2015, friends! We here at Talaria Press have been hard at work creating more awesome stories and books for your entertainment needs. We have some very exciting things in the works and thought we would put together a series of posts to fill you in on what you can expect this year!


Emerald City Comicon

Talaria Press will be continuing our on-going relationship with Emerald City Comicon. We’ll be both moderating and participating in panels in the Writer’s Block programming and be available to sell and sign our novels at our table. Further updates on this specifically as we get closer to con time!


Anthology Contest:

We have locked in the theme for our next Talaria Press Founders Anthology: Villains! That’s right, the bad guys are taking the lead this time. In an age that has seen the rise of amazing characters like Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Maleficent getting her own movie from Disney, and numerous instances of the villains outshining the heroes meant to stop their nefarious schemes, we thought it only appropriate that we give our take on this.

Villains Victorious is our working title. We’re asking for your help to come up with a permanent title for this one. Between January 19 and March 15, we’ll be taking suggestions. You can tweet them to our Twitter handle @TalariaPress, or post them on our Facebook page, just make sure you use the hashtag #VillainsAnthology2015. Once we’ve got all our submissions, the Founders will choose which one we like best. The winner will be announced at ECCC during one of our panels, and they will get a mention in the acknowledgements, as well as a free copy of the anthology!


Garth Reasby:

If you’re a fan of Garth Reasby’s Children of Divinity series, you’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2015! We’re looking at having an anthology of stories associated with the CoD world called Reawakened, ready for release for Emerald City Comicon. This anthology will give some of your favorite side characters a chance to shine in their own stories. Expect to see adventures featuring Jill, Ryan, Douglas, and more! Hijinks shall surely ensue!


H.L. Reasby

Like Garth, H.L. will be giving us a companion anthology to her Sekhmet’s Light series. Comprised of 5 tales that take place in the world of Sekhmet’s Light, The Days upon the Year will be contain the familiar tales Lioness in the Grass and Skinwalker, as well as three all new, never before seen stories. These are tales that will expand the world of Sekhmet’s Light and give us background on events and individuals which would have slowed the main narrative down. The Days upon the Year will be available in March and we will have copies on-hand for purchase at Emerald City Comicon.

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