Friday, March 27, 2015

It’s one of our favorite times of year again, here at Talaria Press. No, not spring (though it is lovely in the Pacific Northwest). Nor is it just because Founder Heather is celebrating another birthday (seriously, didn’t we just DO this birthday thing?!).

No… it’s time for Emerald City Comicon once more and we have some fantastic surprises in store for you this year. New authors! New books! New artwork!

This is the first of three posts (one for each day) that will give you all the pertinent details you need to be to find your favorite Talaria Press authors.


New Authors

Martin Bio PicEmerald City Comicon 2015 marks the first ever appearance of our newest Associate Author, Martin Schiller. Martin has independently-published a three-book military hard sci-fi series called the Sisterhood of Suns. Set in the distant future, all members of humanity with a Y chromosome have been wiped out, leaving women along among the stars which is just how they like it… or so it seems. A radical religious sect has set themselves on a path to reintroduce men, called NeoMen which causes all sorts of complications when the high court rules in favor of allowing one of these NeoMen to serve in an active combat unit! The narrative follows a veteran warship commander, a young colonist who joins the Marines to avenge her decimated colony, the NeoMan Marine, Jon, and a mysterious spy who upholds the interests of the Sisterhood at all costs.

Martin and the Talaria Press team are currently hard at work on revised and revamped editions of the Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena and the Sisterhood of Suns: Widow’s War, the first of which will go to press later this year. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done.


New Books – Garth Reasby

41QytA80nNLGood news for Children of Divinity fans. Garth has just released the first ever Children of Divinity Companion Anthology. Titled ReAwakened, the book gives us reprints of two existing CoD stories which originally appeared in Founder’s Anthologies (Jill’s Run and It’s my Nature) and three brand new tales to expand the CoD experience and set up the next series of Jordan’s adventures.






New Artwork

Garth has also been hard at work creating gorgeous new posters to grace our table at the convention. We can’t wait for you to see them!



More than just Black and White: Humanizing Heroes and Villains

Room: Hall B (WSCC 602-603)

Date: Friday, March 27th

Time: 11:30AM – 12:20PM


Guest(s):  Garth Reasby, John Lovett, Martin Schiller, Michael A. Stackpole, Isaac Marion

Heroes and villains can’t be all good or evil. Join John Lovett, Garth Reasby, Martin Schiller, Michael A. Stackpole, and Isaac Marion for a lively discussion of favorite heroes and villains and what makes them so interesting and learn how to craft complex and relatable characters to give your stories emotional impact.


Signing: 12:30PM – 1:30PM          Table JJ-10/11


Preventing Magical McGuffins

Room: Hall B (WSCC 602-603)

Date: Friday, March 27th

Time: 4:30PM – 5:20PM

Moderator: Anna Alexander

Guest(s):  Holly Black, Peter V. Brett, Patrick Rothfuss, H.L. Reasby

Even in a fantasy world, magic can’t solve all your problems. Our panel of novelists discuss how to write about magic responsibly. Panelists include Holly Black, Patrick Rothfuss, Heather Reasby, and Peter V. Brett.


Signing: 5:30PM – 6:30PM             Table JJ-10/11



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