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Talaria Press and most of its authors have been long-time supporters of the US Armed Forces and the men and women who serve. Many of us have relatives who have served (Garth’s father and uncle both served in Korea and my adoptive father was a WWII veteran who stormed the beaches at Normandy, for instance), and have friends who still serve. It is from that well of deep respect and affection that we’ve chosen to honor our veterans by giving away several of our titles for free this weekend.


All of these titles are available for free on your Kindle ereader or application all weekend, until Tuesday, May 26:


It is a season of waning and little is certain. Akhet, The Inundation. The world is changing, Gods of old stir, and their agents work behind the scenes to fulfill their masters’ commands. Who will have the courage to stand for The Light when darkness rises to swallow the world?

Doctor Nicole Salem is a beautiful and brilliant Egyptologist who is working on a dig outside Luxor, Egypt when she is confronted by her own destiny. She is plunged into a world of divided loyalties, intrigue, and treachery that will destroy her and everything she knows if she isn’t strong enough. Nicole must learn how to survive in a war between elder powers that claim her life and soul as their own, and earn the title of Sekhmet’s Light.




Achilles. Perseus. Cu Chulainn. Joan of Arc. Their names ring through the millennia. They were called gods, heroes, the sons and daughters of divinity. Today we know their kind by another word: Superhero.

Jordan Law is the best sniper that the British Secret Intelligence Service has ever seen. Possessing a singular talent for slipping in and out of places that no human should be able to. She is a woman with a secret. Possessing superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, and the ability to make herself seemingly disappear into thin air, she is the perfect operative, an unstoppable assassin.

After a successful mission to eliminate a terrorist leader, Jordan’s secret is discovered by a shadowy organization within British Intelligence. She is drawn into a secret war where superhuman soldiers struggle to keep their own kind from preying on normal humans. Faced with the greatest challenge of her life, Jordan must push herself beyond the limits of what she thought she could do to protect her family, her teammates, and the world from a threat that has worked behind the scenes since the earliest days of humanity.


51nCApzgjzLOnce More upon a Time:

The founders of Talaria Press come together for a follow-up to the “Quests & Answers” anthology with this new collection of short stories and novellas inspired by classic fairy tales and fables, and even a few all new contributions to the genre.

With referential and exciting tie-ins to their existing titles, such as “It’s My Nature” by Garth Reasby or “Reaper’s Breath” by Ren Cummins, fans of the books will be thrilled to see new facets to the characters and settings they have grown to love. And with new stories like “To Bee or Not to Bee” by Quiana Kirkland and the sci fi thriller “Aurora” by H. L. Reasby, readers will be welcomed into even more tales from these successful authors.

“Once More Upon A Time” – a brand new collection of newly envisioned fairy tales for young and old alike!

Once More Upon A Time contains the following titles:

  • The Bamboo Princess, by Ren Cummins
  • Prussia, 1735, by H. L. Reasby
  • It’s My Nature, by Garth Reasby
  • Reaper’s Breath, by Ren Cummins
  • To Bee or Not to Bee, by Quiana Kirkland
  • Aurora, by H. L. Reasby
  • The Rat King, by Ren Cummins

This all-new collection also contains special samples from three of Talaria Press’ bestselling novels – no Talaria Press fan’s collection would be complete without this anthology!

SnickerSnack-E-Book-Cover-634x1024Snicker-Snack: Monster Stories to Cower By:

Talaria Press knows that some of your favorite characters will always be monsters. Be they friendly or fearsome, dear or deadly, they fascinate humanity and call to a primal element of our nature. Inspired by their power to terrorize and captivate, we present Snicker-Snack, Monster Stories to Cower By.

Within these pages, you’ll meet werewolves and vampires, and monsters that lurk under the bed– or sometimes lie in them. Curious readers may find out just what moved in the corner of their vision, or where their nightmares come from.

Lured into the light by the magic of Talaria’s writers, Snicker-Snack introduces some of the monsters that lurk in our imaginations:

  • In The Reconquista, Martin Schiller shows us what happens when the monsters we drove out find a way back into our world.
  • They Always Come by Garth Reasby forces us to face our childhood fears when they leave us nowhere to run.
  • Quiana Kirkland introduces us to a very special guardian monster in Old Things and New.
  • Skinwalker takes us back to the world of Sekhmet’s Light to explore two of its most popular secondary characters, Special Agents Bailey and Weber.
  • And finally, we’re pleased to share a Talaria Press first: the first contribution by Friend of Talaria Press, Aaron Douglas. Douglas’ Under the Bed shows that sometimes going home again is the most hazardous thing you can do.

Also included in this anthology are samples of other works by the Talaria Press founders and Associate Author, Martin Schiller.

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