New Talaria Press Anthology, Available Now

Dark-Hearts-KindleJust in time for that last-minute gift for the reader on your list, we present Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds, a Talaria Press Anthology. An exploration of the nature of villains, the stories contained in this anthology are, as the title states, decidedly darker than most provided by the Talaria Press authors, but provide compelling scenarios and interesting villains to fuel the imaginations of readers.

Currently available for Kindle, the paperback edition will be available after the beginning of the year.

A word of caution, however: some of the subject matter tackled in these stories might be difficult for more sensitive readers. Although we do always appreciate our readership, we advise that if you proceed with caution if you think you might be upset by stories of villainous acts where the bad guys don’t always receive their just rewards in the end.


**Talaria Press may receive a commission.

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