Talaria Press Memorial Day Giveaway

The unofficial start of summer is here and to celebrate, we’re giving away 3 paperback copies of our newest anthology! Just click on the link below and follow Talaria Press on Twitter and you could be one of the lucky three to get this great new set of stories!

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About the anthology:

Dark-Hearts-KindleDark Hearts, Darker Deeds

What is evil? Is it absolute, or arbitrary? Does a villain consider themselves to be ‘evil’? And do they always lose, or does evil sometimes triumph? Is there even some ‘good’ hiding behind a villain’s mask, or wickedness disguised as ‘good’? In “Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds” the imaginative writers of Talaria Press take us into blackest corners of the human soul, and tell tales of psychopaths, murderers, and worse.

In The Case of the Evaporating Blood, a series of mysterious murders in Victorian London sends the newly formed Scotland Yard to a mysterious young doctor to request assistance. But Ren Cummins reveals that neither the perpetrator, nor the doctor are quite what they seem.

Morely ushers us into a facility built to house bad men and Aaron Douglas introduces us to Morely, the worst of the worst. Will true justice ever find him behind bars?

Garth Reasby’s In the House of the Green Moon illustrates the allure of strength and power in its darker aspect through the eyes of a princess and her two samurai companions.

Martin Schiller’s Lifer, a convicted serial killer participates in secret government experiment testing the limits of a new technology, and justice.

Heather Reasby brings us The Fangs of the Serpent where a young priest of an evil god engages in a deadly ritual to gain greater power for himself.

These tales and more await within…

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