Flash Fiction Challenges – Story 2

The second challenge I received came from Jaimie, who is, herself, working toward becoming an author. When I explained what I was doing, she was so excited, she asked me to give her three elements as well, and challenged a friend’s daughter who is also a young writer!

Requested by: Jaimie

Elements I was given:

  • A moody 13-year-old girl
  • A row boat
  • Mystery

Clara grimaced at the ache in her shoulders as she hauled the oars of the rowboat through the water again, propelling herself just a little further along across the surface of the placid sea. The sun shone down through a thin scrum of clouds, giving her bared shoulders a little relief from its glare.

Even with her olive skin tone, parts of her left uncovered by her dress’ off-shoulder bodice and all-but-shredded skirts were pink, just ready to cross to angry red. The ragged ends of her dark hair, which she’d hurriedly hacked off with the rogue Captain’s blade in order to make good her escape tickled her neck and forehead.

How many days since she’d escaped the pirates? She wasn’t sure. At least three, she thought. Her intent had been to take advantage of the patrol ship’s attack on the pirates, get into the dinghy and row over to the caravel so she could throw herself on the mercy of the Captain.

That plan, unfortunately, had been blown all to hell by the pirates, despite having their ship crippled, getting in a few lucky shots and mortally wounding the royal ship.

At the time, she’d considered herself lucky that she’d been too far away from the ships at that point to be visible, but now, with the minimal rations and already half-stale water that were in the little boat running short, she wasn’t so sure. All around her was water and where she might make landfall was a mystery.


If you, too, would like to participate, let me know! You can comment with suggestions on this post, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter. You can also ask me to challenge you and I’ll throw out 3 elements for you as well.

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