Flash Fiction Challenges – Story 3

For the third challenge I received, my friend Nuchi decided to throw me a curve ball and put an actual  historical figure in the mix, as well as a genre I don’t often dabble in!

Requested by: Nuchi

Elements I was given:

  • Genghis Khan
  • A bowl
  • Romance

Erdene crouched beside the cook fire, watching the pot of water in the coals, it wouldn’t do to let it start boiling in earnest, or it would be too hot for tea and she would have to take time to let it cool, lest it scorch the leaves. Mindful of her father’s directives, she wanted to have the tea ready the moment the king’s hoard arrived.

Already, she could feel the subtle rumble in the earth of the many thousands of hooves rushing their direction. A small, whimsical smile touched her lips. The tiny tremors of the ground seemed to echo the fluttery feeling of anticipation in her stomach.

She was to be given to the Khan as a consort if he found her pleasing; it would be a great boon for her village and her family. She felt some trepidation at the idea, but her mother had assured her that while the Khan was stern, he was also fair.

The rumbling of thundering hooves became audible, then deafening as the hoard approached and just before the sound of jingling tack reached her ears she took the water from the coals and deftly poured it into the pot over the layer of dried tea leaves at the bottom. Perfection.

She placed the pot on a tray, along with several small ivory bowls, and rose gracefully, carrying it to the meeting hall where her father and brothers would be greeting the Khan, and where her life may very well change forever.


If you, too, would like to participate, let me know! You can comment with suggestions on this post, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter. You can also ask me to challenge you and I’ll throw out 3 elements for you as well.

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