Flash Fiction Challenges – Story 4

The 4th challenge comes from my friend, Sam. True Crime and conspiracy enthusiast extraordinaire, Sam is also quite the outdoors woman and posts frequently on her Instagram page about her adventures in the wilds of Washington and beyond. Sam couldn’t decide on a single genre, so threw two out at me… Challenge accepted!

Requested by: Sam

Elements I was given:

  • Strong (tall) female
  • A pocket watch
  • Historical fiction, horror & crime

With the snap of a parasol deploying, Genevieve stepped out of the carriage into the sleeting rain of London’s late autumn. Another soft snick of sound accompanied the opening of a finely wrought pocket watch, a glance confirming that the constables had moved on from the scene of the crime  an hour before.

“Most excellent…” the woman murmured to herself. Statuesque, standing nearly six feet tall, and garbed in a smartly tailored suit, were it not for the elegantly coiffed dark hair, she might have been taken for a slender young man as she strode purposefully forward.

The alley, like most of its kind, was filthy and stank; unlike others of its kind, this stench was largely dominated by blood and the other foulness surrounding sudden, messy human demise.

Genny paused just inside the alley’s mouth, taking in the details quickly; rubbish cans that had been knocked over in a struggle, a splash of blood on the wall to the right, and a large pool of the same on the ground, slowly being washed clean by the rain.

Squaring her shoulders, Genny stepped further into the alley, pausing now and then to crouch and look more closely without touching, until finally, at the edge of the pool of gore, a faint gleam caught her eye. Her breath catching with excitement, Genny retrieved a small envelope and some tweezers, plucking the silver hair from the blood and holding it up with a faint smile. “Now, I’ve got you, you bloody bastard…”


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