Akhet Now Part of the Kindle Owner's Lending Library






Kindle owners who are members of Amazon Prime can now check out Sekhmet’s Light Book 1: Ahket free of charge through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

Non-members can still purchase the book for $2.99.


About Sekhmet’s Light


In H.L. Reasby‘s Sekhmet’s Light, the ancient and the modern collide. A gifted archeologist literally falls into a world where ancient gods and goddesses plot and their mortal servants move around like pieces on a chess board. It is a world where a seemingly ordinary woman can be touched by a goddess and become the hero she never imagined she could be.



Book 1: Akhet


It is a season of waning and little is certain. Akhet, The Inundation. The world is changing, Gods of old stir, and their agents work behind the scenes to fulfill their masters’ commands. Who will have the courage to stand for The Light when darkness rises to swallow the world?

Doctor Nicole Salem is a beautiful and brilliant Egyptologist who is working on a dig outside Luxor, Egypt when she is confronted by her own destiny. She is plunged into a world of divided loyalties, intrigue, and treachery that will destroy her and everything she knows if she isn’t strong enough. Nicole must learn how to survive in a war between elder powers that claim her life and soul as their own, and earn the title of Sekhmet’s Light.

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