Into the Dust, Chapter One: "Lost" by Ren Cummins Now Available

Ren Cummins, Talaria Press Co-Founder, and author of the young adult Steampunk series Chronicles of Aesirium, and Kiri Callghan, author of Funeral Potatoes, bring you a series of childhood dreams, adult remorse and all the fantastic adventures which lie between.


Into the Dust


Chapter 1: Lost
A young woman awakens in a strange world filled with unusual people, with no memory of how she got there. Pirates, constables, superheroes and stranger things await her in this fantastical place, and the many questions she has will have to wait.

“Lost” is the first story in this series, introducing the readers to the world of Uphoria, and launching the adventure of a thousand life times.

Now available on Amazon.



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