Recommended Reading: Contemporary Fantasy

I picked up Nighthawk by Marie Frances as part of my birthday present Kindle downloads having seen it on a friend’s Facebook page.

The book follows Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy Evie Chevalier who goes home to her hometown of Nighthawk, a small town, just east of the Cascade mountains, to investigate the disappearance of her childhood friend, David. However, Evie finds that the town isn’t as welcoming and friendly as she remembers. The townsfolk and animals are acting strangely. The police also don’t seem inclined to acknowledge that David is missing at all, claiming that David sent them a letter telling him he was relocating to Tacoma where Evie lives.

Although I found the first third of the novel to be a bit slow, once Evie returns to Nighthawk and starts her investigation, the story moves along at almost breakneck speed, daring the reader to try to keep up. Miss Frances has a very clear vision of the world that she’s weaving and just when you think you know what’s going on, she reveals the truth which is both shocking and incredibly satisfying.

Evie is a very believable character and the sort of strong female protagonist I enjoy reading. She’s not fearless, nor is she infallible, but she is also fiercely loyal and refuses to let fear keep her from helping her friends. Once Alastair is introduced in the second half, he quickly became my favorite character, however.

I highly recommend picking up Nighthawk if you have the opportunity. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air in a genre which is rapidly becoming cluttered with emo vampires and lovelorn were-wolves. Frances brings us a supernatural threat that is genuinely threatening with motivations that are difficult to fathom for the mere mortals impacted by them.

You can find Marie Frances on Twitter, on Facebook, and on her Blog.


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