Recommended Reading: Inside Delta Force

I picked up Inside Delta Force to read a while back mostly because I was out of reading material and my husband already had it. I expected it to be interesting… what I didn’t expect was to be sucked in and completely over-awed by the capabilities of Delta Operators.

If you’ve ever seen the television show The Unit, you’ve got at least a passing knowledge of Delta Force as it’s loosely based on the book’s author, Eric Haney, and his experiences in Delta. I came away from this book with the firm knowledge that if I’m ever, for whatever reason, taken hostage somewhere, I want the guys from Delta to come get me!

The book tells the story of the development of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-D. It tells us some of the tortures they endure just to be selected and the grueling training they go through to become finely honed living weapons. Haney even shares some of the stories about operations they’ve participated in; from successfully storming a hijacked airplane to the failed mission to rescue American hostages in a Tehran embassy.

I think the most interesting thing about the book was the insight into the way the mind of a special operations soldier works. The fierce loyalty to their brothers in arms is something that all the SpecOps seem to share (as illustrated by the recent film Act of Valor which starred actual operational Navy SEALs). These are men you want on your side and never as your enemy.

As a writer, I found the descriptions of the training methods, especially the talk of “tradecraft” (which I like to call spy stuff!). After reading the book, now I find myself looking at things like stray chalk marks and wondering if it’s just a random mark or if someone’s left some important information hidden nearby that the mark would lead me to if I were privy to the code they were using.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about the elite Special Forces either for personal education or for use in a writing project.


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