Talaria Press Founder’s Anthology 1: Quests & Answers

Q&A New StyleLearn the answers to some of the mysteries previously featured in other Talaria Press series:

In “Everybody’s Cousin” from Ren Cummins, author of the Young Adult Science Fiction steampunk series “The Chronicles of Aesirium”, find out how the streetwise young seer found himself in the middle of a dangerous game between Goya and Favo.

From H.L. Reasby, the author of the Sekhmet’s Light trilogy, we present “Lioness in the Grass”: observe the trials of becoming NuruSekhmet, 4000 years before Nicole Salem became the avatar of the goddess of war.

And in Garth Reasby’s “Jill’s Run”, we discover how teenager Jillian Law escaped a house full of highly trained SIS agents in “Awaken” the first book in “The Children of Divinity” series.

Along with four additional short stories, this first edition of Quests & Answers also includes bonus chapters from each of the founders’ original works to more deeply explore the worlds already discovered by thousands of readers world wide!


Talaria Press Founder’s Anthology 2: Once More Upon a Time

51nCApzgjzLThe founders of Talaria Press come together for a follow-up to the “Quests & Answers” anthology with this new collection of short stories and novellas inspired by classic fairy tales and fables, and even a few all new contributions to the genre.

With referential and exciting tie-ins to their existing titles, such as “It’s My Nature” by Garth Reasby or “Reaper’s Breath” by Ren Cummins, fans of the books will be thrilled to see new facets to the characters and settings they have grown to love. And with new stories like “To Bee or Not to Bee” by Quiana Kirkland and the sci fi thriller “Aurora” by H. L. Reasby, readers will be welcomed into even more tales from these successful authors.

“Once More Upon A Time” – a brand new collection of newly envisioned fairy tales for young and old alike!
Once More Upon A Time contains the following titles:

  • The Bamboo Princess, by Ren Cummins
  • Prussia, 1735, by H. L. Reasby
  • It’s My Nature, by Garth Reasby
  • Reaper’s Breath, by Ren Cummins
  • To Bee or Not to Bee, by Quiana Kirkland
  • Aurora, by H. L. Reasby
  • The Rat King, by Ren Cummins

This all-new collection also contains special samples from three of Talaria Press’ best selling novels – no Talaria Press fan’s collection would be complete without this anthology!


Talaria Press Founder’s Anthology 3: And I Feel Fine

51EAFQ3s33L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_How does the world end? With a bang? Or with a whimper? Will it be zombies? Will it be plague? Will it be forgotten gods or robots, vengeance on their minds? There are a multitude of ways in which the world could end.

Springing forth from the minds of the Talaria Press founders, And I Feel Fine presents eight all-new tales of calamity such as:

  • From H.L. Reasby comes Venture, a tale of alien invasion, birth and death.
  • Garth Reasby’s, Zombie Awake, gives us a new, horrifying element of the zombie trope which may change forever the way you view the genre.
  • In Acts of Reparation, Quiana Kirkland wonders what happens to the things we leave behind.
  • Ren Cummins undertakes our experiment from Geek Girl Con 2013, using an entirely crowdsourced setting, character, and events to bring us God’s Brownies.
  • This anthology also features the debut of Associate Author Martin Schiller, who brings us The 13th Hour, a tale of the plague which spawned the female dominated universe of his Sisterhood of Suns series.

Also included in this anthology are samples of other works by the Talaria Press founders, including excerpts of brand new series’ by Ren Cummins and H.L. Reasby.


SnickerSnack-E-Book-Cover-634x1024Talaria Press Founder’s Anthology 4: Snicker-Snack: Monster Stories to Cower By

Talaria Press knows that some of your favorite characters will always be monsters. Be they friendly or fearsome, dear or deadly, they fascinate humanity and call to a primal element of our nature. Inspired by their power to terrorize and captivate, we present Snicker-Snack, Monster Stories to Cower By.

Within these pages, you’ll meet werewolves and vampires, and monsters that lurk under the bed– or sometimes lie in them. Curious readers may find out just what moved in the corner of their vision, or where their nightmares come from.

Lured into the light by the magic of Talaria’s writers, Snicker-Snack introduces some of the monsters that lurk in our imaginations:

In The Reconquista, Martin Schiller shows us what happens when the monsters we drove out find a way back into our world.

They Always Come by Garth Reasby forces us to face our childhood fears when they leave us nowhere to run.

Quiana Kirkland introduces us to a very special guardian monster in Old Things and New.

Skinwalker takes us back to the world of Sekhmet’s Light to explore two of its most popular secondary characters, Special Agents Bailey and Weber.

And finally, we’re pleased to share a Talaria Press first: the first contribution by Friend of Talaria Press, Aaron Douglas. Douglas’ Under the Bed shows that sometimes going home again is the most hazardous thing you can do.

Also included in this anthology are samples of other works by the Talaria Press founders and Associate Author, Martin Schiller.

Dark-Hearts-KindleTalaria Press Founders Anthology 5: Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds

What is evil? Is it absolute, or arbitrary? Does a villain consider themselves to be ‘evil’? And do they always lose, or does evil sometimes triumph? Is there even some ‘good’ hiding behind a villain’s mask, or wickedness disguised as ‘good’? In “Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds” the imaginative writers of Talaria Press take us into blackest corners of the human soul, and tell tales of psychopaths, murderers, and worse.

In The Case of the Evaporating Blood, a series of mysterious murders in Victorian London sends the newly formed Scotland Yard to a mysterious young doctor to request assistance. But Ren Cummins reveals that neither the perpetrator, nor the doctor, are quite what they seem.

Morely ushers us into a facility built to house bad men and Aaron Douglas introduces us to Morely, the worst of the worst. Will true justice ever find him behind bars?

Garth Reasby’s In the House of the Green Moon illustrates the allure of strength and power in its darker aspect through the eyes of a princess and her two samurai companions.

Martin Schiller’s Lifer, a convicted serial killer participates in secret government experiment testing the limits of a new technology, and justice.

Heather Reasby brings us The Fangs of the Serpent where a young priest of an evil god engages in a deadly ritual to gain greater power for himself.

These tales and more await within…

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