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In H.L. Reasby‘s Sekhmet’s Light, the ancient and the modern collide. A gifted archeologist literally falls into a world where ancient gods and goddesses plot and their mortal servants move around like pieces on a chess board. It is a world where a seemingly ordinary woman can be touched by a goddess and become the hero she never imagined she could be.


Book 1: Akhet

AkhetFrontIt is a season of waning and little is certain. Akhet, The Inundation. The world is changing, Gods of old stir, and their agents work behind the scenes to fulfill their masters’ commands. Who will have the courage to stand for The Light when darkness rises to swallow the world?

Doctor Nicole Salem is a beautiful and brilliant Egyptologist who is working on a dig outside Luxor, Egypt when she is confronted by her own destiny. She is plunged into a world of divided loyalties, intrigue, and treachery that will destroy her and everything she knows if she isn’t strong enough. Nicole must learn how to survive in a war between elder powers that claim her life and soul as their own, and earn the title of Sekhmet’s Light.

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Akhet Sample Chapter


Book 2: Peret

PeretCoverThe waters of the inundation have receded, leaving the Earth fertile for the seeds of war. The winter growing season will nurture a discordant crop and lead into a bitter harvest.

When Dr. Nicole Salem accepted her fate as NuruSekhmet, the living embodiment of the Egyptian goddess of war, she didn’t realize she’d be bringing the ancient struggle all the way to Chicago. With the emergence of a deadly new enemy at home, Nicole finds out just how much more she has to lose. Nicole will have to rely on her faith, training, and new allies in the face of fear and betrayal. Open conflict is inevitable and only NuruSekhmet can stand between the forces of Apep and the rest of the world.

Under pressure from the authorities, the forces of Apep, strife in the temple, and her old life in Chicago, Nicole will find out if she has what it takes to survive Peret.

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Book 3: Shomu

The cycle of the year draws to a close. Shomu, the Harvest, is a time of festivals and celebration, but for NuruSekhmet, it is a time for vengeance.

Reeling from an onslaught of revelations and betrayal, Nicole Salem and her friends must marshal their courage to avenge their losses. Pursuing Apep’s dark servant from the high rises of Chicago, to the forests of South America, Nicole and each of her friends must dig deep and tap unplumbed reserves of strength.

To keep the darkness from continuing to rise, they must be willing to risk everything and Nicole could end up sacrificing far more than anyone ever expected.

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 The Days Upon the Year, A Sekhmet’s Light Companion Anthology

DutY FrontThe cycle of seasons has concluded and the time of the epagomenal days has come.

Five days that fall outside of time. Five days dedicated to the creation of the most powerful gods and goddesses in the pantheon.
The Sekhmet’s Light trilogy introduced us to a world where ancient forces stirred in the shadows. Deities of good and evil gathered their remaining strength to do battle in modern times with the help of mortal agents, worshipers, and avatars who have been granted a small portion of their patron deity’s divine gifts. Sekhmet, the lioness of warfare and vengeance set herself squarely in the path of Apep’s bid to gather power, to strike once more at Ra, the sun god, and plunge the earth into darkness and evil.

In this collection of short tales, we revisit the world of the Sekhmet’s Light series a final time. Each of the five stories within expands upon characters and situations introduced within the main narrative of the story, but which were not explored due to pacing and narrative needs.

Within these pages, readers will find two previously released stories (Lioness in the Grass and Skinwalker) as well as three all new, never-before-seen tales to expand the Sekhmet’s Light experience. See first-hand fan-favorite characters Special Agents Weber and Bailey’s initial case together. Witness Atif’s first steps on the climb to power within the cult of Apep. And finally, experience the birth of Sekhmet and see what forged her into the mighty goddess she became.

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Quests & Answers

Q&A New StyleObserve the trials of becoming NuruSekhmet, 4000 years before Nicole Salem became the avatar of the goddess of war in Quests & Answers‘ “Lioness in the Grass,” one of seven all new short stories by the founders of Talaria Press.

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