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Children of Divinity, by Garth Reasby

While mankind slumbers, powerful forces plot to use humanity for their own purposes.  As Children of Divinity begins, these forces move the pieces into place for a great and terrible awakening.

Our age has turned it is back on heroes. Achilles. Persus. Cu Chulainn. Joan of Arc. Their names ring through the millenia. They were called gods, heroes, the sons and daughters of divinity. Now myths and legends.

Today we know their kind by another word: Superhero.



The Chronicles of Aesirium, by Ren Cummins

Magic and science. A great war between Art and Aether split the mighty city of Aesirium asunder. Generations later, exiled practitioners of the arts struggle against the beasts of the Wild from outside the city’s protective walls. How long can they survive?

A prophesy whispers of  a city united by hands of death herself.   Not a skeletal specter, but a 12 year old girl in a frilly dress. Heavy is the mantle of the Reaper on such young shoulders.  Can Rom face ancient foes, dangerous criminals, and her own destiny?  Or will she and all she loves perish?  Find out in The Chronicles of Aesirium.



Sekhmet’s Light, by H.L. Reasby

In H.L. Reasby‘s Sekhmet’s Light, the ancient and the modern collide. A gifted archeologist literally falls into a world where Ancient gods and goddesses plot and their mortal servants move around like pieces on a chess board. It is a world where a seemingly ordinary woman can be touched by a goddess and become the hero she never imagined she could be.



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