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Quiana Kirkland – Founder


Quiana Kirkland is the Editor in Chief of Talaria Press and lives and works in the Seattle area. She became passionate about writing and helping others write while attending Bryn Mawr College, outside of Philadelphia. Quiana has edited various written works for over a decade before coming to Talaria Press. Her goal at Talaria Press is to publish books that inspire, entrance, and fill the reader with the spirit of adventure.

Quiana loves cooking, crafting, and, above all, reading. She would like to say that she lives in a crumbling Gothic mansion, but she does not. She does live in a cozy house with a large, but usually well-behaved pet.



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Garth Reasby – Founder

Garth Reasby has always enjoyed creating and has channeled his creative energies into art, music, prop making, and writing. A renaissance man, Garth has had various jobs ranging from bodyguarding religious figures to project management.

“Awaken” is Garth’s first novel and allowed him to borrow concepts and experiences from his rich personal history and form them into a very modern tale of super heroes in the real world. In addition to a follow-up novel in the Children of Divinity series, Garth is preparing works for a number of anthologies and a new fantasy series.

Garth was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and currently lives there with his wife Heather Reasby, also an author, and their menagerie of animals.  When Garth does find time to relax he enjoys reading, comic books, video games, music, camping, and off-roading, as well as putting a few hours in at the range to keep up his firearm skills.



H.L. Reasby – Founder


Heather Reasby is a writer and editor who resides in the beautiful (and rainy) Pacific Northwest. She lives there with her beloved husband, two deranged cats, and two crazed dogs. Reading and writing (of course) top the list of personal interests, but ‘Fatale’ also enjoys movies, gaming (roleplaying games being her favorite), and spending time with friends.

Drawn to literature from an early age, it was amusingly enough the need to fill a course credit in college which started her on the track to writing. Inspired by the Ripley character from the “Alien” movies, Heather enjoys telling the stories of strong and courageous women, fueled by the dream of creating new heroes built on the foundation of classical mythologies. In addition to her literary creative outlets, she has embraced the new digital age, emphasizing networking and the unfettered elements of publishing that the internet has so graciously provided.



Ren Cummins – Associate Author


Born in the summer of ’69 in northern California, Ren realized from an early age that he was destined to be a storyteller of some sort, though the media format went through a variety of permutations before at last coalescing into the written word. However, acting, music and the visual arts have all played a part in his approach to writing, often finding themselves intertwined among the threads of the narrative either directly or implicitly.

Ren lives in the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest with his wife and daughter and a smattering of animals. When he’s not writing, he can occasionally be found reading, playing video games, drums or the piano.







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