The Chronicles of Aesirium


Magic and science. A great war between Art and Aether split the mighty city of Aesirium asunder. Generations later, exiled practitioners of the arts struggle against the beasts of the Wild from outside the city’s protective walls. How long can they survive?

A prophesy whispers of  a city united by hands of death herself.   Not a skeletal specter, but a 12 year old girl in a frilly dress. Heavy is the mantle of the Reaper on such young shoulders.  Can Rom face ancient foes, dangerous criminals, and her own destiny?  Or will she and all she loves perish?  Find out in The Chronicles of Aesirium.


Book 1: Reaper’s Return

Reaper's Return CoverWhat if Death wore a pretty black dress?

Everyone in Oldtown had heard talk of the Reapers. Even though nobody had seen one in years, everyone whispered the tales: flying from rooftop to rooftop, stealing the souls of the unwary, letting their undead beasts hunt through the streets for any member of the community too reckless or fearless to heed the nightly curfew … mysterious and terrifying, most feared to even mention them by name, lest they appear and gather your spirit away.

For 11-year-old Romany, her greatest fears were less about the mythological Reapers and more about surviving a miserable life inside of Oldtown’s solitary orphanage. Her stark white hair made her an obvious target for the bullies, and the cruel nickname of “Ratgirl” had followed her for years. But if Rom thought her troubles were behind her, being struck dead by a bolt of lightning would only open the door to an entire life of new ones.

First on the list? Finding out that she herself…is a Reaper.

“Reaper’s Return” is book one of the Chronicles of Aesirium, a YA Steampunk fantasy adventure series.

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Book 2: The Morrow Stone

The Morrow Stone CoverIn the monster-plagued community of Oldtown-Against-the-Wall, Rom and her friends must now address the mystery of the artifact that brought them all together: the Morrow Stone. Confronted by the charming criminal Favo Carr, they must unravel the reasons why it is sought by so many and why so few seem to comprehend its true purpose.

Key to this remains Rom’s challenge to understand her new abilities and just how her role fits into a strange prophecy that seems to connect her to the history of the communities of Aesirium and Oldtown, as well as the Wall which divides them.

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Book 3: The City of the Dead

The City of the DeadBeing dead was just the beginning.

Following the appearance of an entirely new and horrifying breed of corrupted being, Rom decides that she needs answers. Under the council of an old associate, she returns from her two year search for information about the Queen to seek help from her old friends Kari and Cousins. Together, they decide to seek out answers outside of Oldtown, which leads them far past the Wild and into the mysterious City of the Dead.

What answers await them there? Or will they only uncover more questions?
The adventures of Rom, the young angel of death, continue in the third book of the Chronicles of Aesirium, the YA Steampunk Fantasy “The City of the Dead”.

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Book 4: Reaper’s Flight

Reaper's Flight CoverEven Death needs her friends.

Kari, Cousins and Favo race to find Rom, while Rom awakens in darkness to find an unexpected horror. Their two paths lead them both back to Aesirium, where a confrontation has been brewing since Rom’s awakening as a Sheharid Is’iin. Even as she struggles to accept the mantle of responsibility of a Reaper, Rom finds there are greater terrors yet awaiting her.
When they at last confront the Queen, will any of them survive?
The adventures of Rom, the young angel of death, continue in the fourth book of the Chronicles of Aesirium, the YA Steampunk Fantasy “Reaper’s Flight”.

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Book 5: Into the Blink

Into the BlinkWhere does the world go when you close your eyes?

Cousins never gave up on Rom, even after she vanished in a powerful explosion that seemed to leave a crack in the sky. He and Kari struggle to come to terms with her absence when a new mystery appears involving the Machines, and they leave Oldtown in search of answers that may resolve one of the great unsolved riddles of Oldtown’s history. Not be outdone, Favo manages to find himself in a precarious situation when old habits prove to die very hard.

Meanwhile, Rom’s own path may lead her on a previously unimagined series of travels, but only once she comes to understand where she is and how to get out.

The adventures of Rom, the young angel of death, continue in the fifth book of the Chronicles of Aesirium, the YA Steampunk Fantasy “Into the Blink.”

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 Book 6: The Crook and the Blade

The Crook and the BladeDeath may be lied to; but in the end she will always know the truth.

Kari and Cousins struggle to survive the Machine War, and they learn how the histories of the Machines and the people of Aesirium and Oldtown are hopelessly intertwined. Deception within the city of Aesirium may prove sufficient to bring the city down, and Rom returns just in time to face off against the evil which has threatened both cities for centuries.

The adventures of Rom, the young angel of death, come to a powerful conclusion in the sixth and final book of the Chronicles of Aesirium, the YA Steampunk Fantasy “The Crook and the Blade.”

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Quests & Answers

Q&A New StyleFind out how Cousins, the streetwise young seer, found himself in the middle of a dangerous game between Goya and Favo in “Everybody’s Cousin,” one of seven all new short stories by the founders of Talaria Press.

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 Once More upon a Time

 51nCApzgjzLIn “Reaper’s Breath”, we witness the final moments in the life of an average citizen of Aesirium.

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